Corporate sustainability, win-win logic and a potential alternative: syncretism

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Based on the results of a conceptual study published in the journal ‘Business Strategy and the Environment’, this video considers the potential of the concept of syncretism to understand how companies are progressing towards more sustainable management practices. Syncretism has mainly been treated in the literature as a process of religious synthesis or cultural change. It involves the production of new or modified religions/cultures as a result of contact between distinct ‘ideologies’. Exploring the analogies between religious/cultural syncretism and the challenge of corporate sustainability suggests that a syncretism-based perspective may prove more practical and useful than conventional approaches combining corporate performance with sustainable development – the latter of which have rarely challenged the dominant ‘win-win’ logic.

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Previous research examining the link between board attributes and ecological strategies such as green innovation has primarily focused on structural board attributes, yielding mixed findings. Moreover, the critical contextual grounds that shape the relationship between board attributes and green innovation have often been overlooked, leading to potential biases in empirical investigations. Considering that competence drives outstanding performance, we developed a unique measure of board competence that represents the board's intrinsic ability to perform in corporate strategies.Drawing on a holistic perspective of agency, resource dependence, and stakeholder theories, we posit a strong relationship between board competence and green innovation.Furthermore, we contend that this association is moderated by external governance mechanisms, namely audit quality, media coverage, and imitative pressure.Through our analysis of publicly traded Chinese companies, we found compelling evidence to support our assertions. These findings have important implications for policymakers, practitioners, and managers.
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“Deep” Electronic Word of Mouth involves in-depth online consumer discussions about products and services. It goes beyond surface-level comments, offering thoroughness, authenticity, and influence. Examples include detailed reviews on platforms like Amazon, TripAdvisor and discussions in specialized forums impacting businesses and consumers.
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Fintech, a contraction of "finance" and "technology," refers to companies that use technology to offer innovative financial services that are often more accessible or less expensive than traditional banks. Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a suite of financial services that are not controlled by a central authority. It uses blockchain technology to create financial applications that operate without intermediaries such as banks, financial institutions, or governments.
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La théorie de la structuration de Giddens cherche à expliquer comment les structures sociales sont créées et maintenues par les actions, les pratiques et les interactions des individus. Selon Giddens, les structures sociales ne sont pas simplement externes et influencent les comportements humains, mais sont constamment reproduites et modifiées par les actions des individus.
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Les flux touristiques sont à l’origine de concentrations de plus en plus fortes de touristes notamment dans les lieux considérés comme particulièrement attractifs, ces pépites incontournables dont les destinations se vantent, voire des lieux uniques dont la médiatisation peut être mondiale. Le Magazine Forbes établit un classement de ces endroits les plus « instagrammables ».
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La performance sociale en Supply Chain Management est un concept crucial mais souvent méconnu. Contrairement aux performances opérationnelles et financières, elle se concentre sur les impacts sociaux des opérations d’une entreprise, y compris dans sa supply chain ou chaîne d’approvisionnement. Cela inclut les conditions de travail, les droits des travailleurs, la diversité, l’inclusion et les initiatives communautaires. Cette performance est cruciale pour plusieurs raisons : elle renforce la réputation de l’entreprise, attire les talents, réduit les risques de réputation et de conflits sociaux, et contribue à la fidélisation des employés. Pour améliorer cette performance sociale, les entreprises doivent évaluer régulièrement leurs pratiques sociales, collaborer avec leurs partenaires dans la supply chain et s’engager avec des parties prenantes externes. En conclusion, la performance sociale est un élément clé de la durabilité des entreprises, soulignant l’importance de leur impact social au-delà des frontières organisationnelles.
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This article explores the contribution of psychological entrepreneurial support, based on same-gender group mentoring, to the strengthening of female entrepreneurial intention in the specific context of a women-only incubator. According to the literature on female entrepreneurship, women entrepreneurs are faced with specific challenges that influence their entrepreneurial intention such as a lack of self-confidence, caused by gender stereotypes, and conflict between family life and entrepreneurial career. More precisely, our research aims to determine how psychological entrepreneurial support is implemented in the incubation process to overcome these specific challenges, and the mechanisms for strengthening female entrepreneurial intention analyzed at both intrapersonal and interpersonal levels. We discuss the implications of our findings on related research into business incubators and the design of mentoring programs adapted to the needs of women entrepreneurs.
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Curious about the intricate dance top-tier firms perform as they navigate between exploring new horizons and exploiting existing strengths? This delicate balance isn't just vital—it's the secret ingredient driving sustainable success in today's fast-paced business world.

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