What is “hyper-performance” ?

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It is a state of performance when all the useless human thinking is minimized or removed completely. Such as poor judgements, distractive thoughts, subjective biases, bad decisions, and alike. For example, employees can be reluctant to accept artificial intelligence. It means there is something in their minds that stop them. That something is the root cause. To find it, a tool called the Circles helps managers to do a quick and easy investigation. When applied, every employee will fall into one of the three circles: green, yellow, or red. The highest risk is in the yellow circle. Because these people express their support, while are not acting accordingly. To achieve hyper-performance, their problem attitude should be found and removed.




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L'intelligence artificielle transforme déjà nos vies et les organisations, elle y apporte un énorme potentiel. Il s'agit de trouver et d'éliminer les obstacles des esprits humains. Cela peut nous aider à en savoir plus sur notre propre intelligence et nous donner une chance unique de réunir les deux types d'intelligences. Une fois qu'elles fonctionnent en synchronisation, nous appelons cela l'intelligence artificielle humaine : une symbiose homme-machine, une co-évolution homme-technologie. C'est en fait un état où nous tirons parti de la puissance de calcul pour favoriser notre évolution.
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Les marques mondiales et les vendeurs au détail attendent de leurs fournisseurs qu'ils se conforment aux codes de conduite de fabrication stipulés ou aux normes minimales garantissant des environnements de travail sûrs et réduisant les conditions de travail exploitées. D'un autre côté du spectre, il exerce une pression sur les responsables de l'approvisionnement des marques pour assurer un approvisionnement éthique en équilibrant les besoins des parties prenantes. Les fournisseurs des économies émergentes sont donc confrontés à des difficultés pour atteindre les objectifs commerciaux.
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This study examined trait gratitude as a relevant predictor of perceived employability, a personal resource important for student job search among business school students in Canada. The findings support the idea that trait gratitude indirectly influences preparatory job search behavior, but not active job search behavior, through perceived employability. Implications for trait gratitude appear to be important for broader career development research and practice particularly with students seeking employment.
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During the COVID‐19 pandemic, comprehensive, accurate, and timely digital contact tracing serves as a decisive measure in curbing viral transmission. Such a strategy integrates corporate innovation, government decision‐making, citizen participation, and community coordination with big data analytics. This article explores how key stakeholders in an open innovation ecosystem interact within the digital context to overcome challenges to public health and socio‐economic welfare imposed by the pandemic. To enhance the digital contact tracing effectiveness, communities are deployed to moderate the interactions between government, enterprises and citizens.
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Focused on the Greek economic crisis, one of the toughest and the most prolonged ones on a global scale, the present research centers on both anthropocentric and business-centric factors that helped SMEs survive, thus, providing a valuable survival manual. Grounded in quantitative research the paper includes two studies. 250 SMEs were included in the first study while 189 of them that survived, participated in the second study.
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