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Founded in 1871 as one of the first major French business schools, EM Normandie is a member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles and stands out in the very closed circle, worldwide, of the 1% of institutions doubly accredited by EQUIS and AACSB. It is also in the Top 80 of the Financial Times and QS international rankings. It is located on six campuses (Caen, Le Havre, Paris, Dublin, Oxford and, from September 2022, Dubai) and brings together a community of 5,800 students and 21,500 members of its Alumni EM Normandie association. Through a wide portfolio of training courses (Grande Ecole Program, Bachelor International Management, BBA, MS, MSc), it offers an enhanced learning experience to help the generations of yesterday, today and tomorrow to become actors of a sustainable world, free to think, free to learn and free to create. The academic and applied research activities of EM Normandie are grouped together within the Laboratoire Métis. www.em-normandie.com

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“Deep” Electronic Word of Mouth involves in-depth online consumer discussions about products and services. It goes beyond surface-level comments, offering thoroughness, authenticity, and influence. Examples include detailed reviews on platforms like Amazon, TripAdvisor and discussions in specialized forums impacting businesses and consumers.
ZAMAN Mustafeed - EM Normandie |
Fintech, a contraction of "finance" and "technology," refers to companies that use technology to offer innovative financial services that are often more accessible or less expensive than traditional banks. Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a suite of financial services that are not controlled by a central authority. It uses blockchain technology to create financial applications that operate without intermediaries such as banks, financial institutions, or governments.
SALLOUM Charbel - EM Normandie |
Femvertising is a term for advertising that utilizes pro-female talent, messaging, and imagery to empower and uplift women and girls. It is a successful approach for brands to create a positive emotional connection with their consumers through a sense of pride and inspiration that drives deeper engagement and brand loyalty. When brands use pro-female messages for profit without a genuine commitment to gender equality and body inclusivity, femvertising risks being perceived as a form of opportunism. This lack of authenticity in advertising can lead to femwashing.
BAYARASSOU Oula - EM Normandie |
Brand Hate encompasses a variety of negative emotions towards a brand, such as anger, disgust, contempt, and disappointment. It is often rooted in ideological incompatibility, which refers to a conflict between a brand's values and those of the consumer, as well as negative experiences and corporate misconduct. In addition, symbolic or image incongruence can contribute to brand hate, particularly when there's a mismatch between the typical image of a brand and the consumer's self-image. In response to these feelings of brand hate, consumers typically adopt one of two coping strategies: avoidance, similar to a flight response, or revenge, similar to a fight response.
BAYARASSOU Oula - EM Normandie |

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