FNEGE Medias is an innovative initiative brought to you by FNEGE with the support of Higher Education institutions specialized in Business Administration and Management.

FNEGE Media aims to become the first and leading web site in French offering academic videos and podcasts about research, teaching and pedagogical innovation in Business Administration and Management.

The goal of FNEGE Media is to make easily accessible the knowledge of academics specialized in Business Administration and Management.  The contributors are all reputable professors, recognized by the FNEGE as being among the best in their field of expertise.

The media platform promotes pedagogical initiatives and research outputs from French Business institutions.

FNEGE Media offers 7 different types of videos and podcasts:


Pedagogical initiatives


Trending topics


Management dictionary

Master's thesis in Management

All content on the FNEGE Media website can be downloaded free of charge.

Any researcher in Business Administration and Management can submit a research video or podcast even if their institution has not subscribe to FNEGE Media (in such a case please contact – . Institutions who have subscribed can submit all video and podcast formats as listed above.

FNEGE Media is managed by FNEGE, which is a foundation recognized as an institution of public interest, and a steering committee. This committee is composed of members representing all the founding business schools as well as those who have subscribed to this service. (Get more information about the business schools who subscribed).

The steering committee ensures that objectives are met and that FNEGE Media is always relevant and at the cutting edge of innovation.

The steering committee ensures that objectives and specifications are met and that FNEGE Media is always relevant and at the cutting edge of innovation.

An advisory committee, made up of well-known academic researchers, reviews all the videos and podcasts prior to their publication. This is to ensure that they comply with the video format standards and that they are based on sound scientific research. This committee is chaired by Géraldine Schmidt, Full Professor at Sorbonne Business School.

Business Schools’ subscription to FNEGE Media

Once registered to FNEGE Media, Business Schools are able to submit and publish an unlimited number of videos and podcasts in various formats (once the committee has validated them). The videos and podcasts display the school logo and are widely published on social media.

Annual registration fees: 5000€ (excluding VAT)

Contact Name: Valérie FOURCADE –

Latest video

Adoptant les théories de la distance psychologique (DP) et des niveaux de représentation (NR), cet article étudie l’impact des publicités érotiques en prenant en compte les facteurs du sexe et de l’attention morale. Deux expérimentations se penchent sur différentes formes de DP, évoquant des NR variables tout en promouvant un produit différent à travers différents niveaux d'intensité érotique dans la publicité. De plus, les réactions varient en fonction du sexe et de l'attention morale ; les femmes et les individus ayant des niveaux d'attention morale élevés expriment des objections plus fortes. Enfin, quel que soit le niveau d'intensité érotique, les jugements éthiques servent de médiateurs aux effets produits par les publicités sur les attitudes et les comportements.
THEODORAKIS Ioannis - OMNES Education |

Latest podcast

The pedagogy and pre-coaching of entrepreneurship must be adapted according to the students' profiles. Research has a role to play in helping stakeholders to make the right pedagogical choices.
BOISSIN Jean-Pierre - PEPITE France |