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Previous research examining the link between board attributes and ecological strategies such as green innovation has primarily focused on structural board attributes, yielding mixed findings. Moreover, the critical contextual grounds that shape the relationship between board attributes and green innovation have often been overlooked, leading to potential biases in empirical investigations. Considering that competence drives outstanding performance, we developed a unique measure of board competence that represents the board's intrinsic ability to perform in corporate strategies.Drawing on a holistic perspective of agency, resource dependence, and stakeholder theories, we posit a strong relationship between board competence and green innovation.Furthermore, we contend that this association is moderated by external governance mechanisms, namely audit quality, media coverage, and imitative pressure.Through our analysis of publicly traded Chinese companies, we found compelling evidence to support our assertions. These findings have important implications for policymakers, practitioners, and managers.
TAUNI Zubair - EM Normandie |
This paper investigates the impact of gender quotas on firm performance using countries worldwide that have introduced a gender quota as a quasinatural experiment.
TRAN Thu Ha - Burgundy School of Business |
How do wealth managers understand and comply with the social norms embedded in banks’ codes of conduct (CoC), and how do they cope with ethical dilemmas? To answer these and related questions, we conduct a nonincentivized online survey with wealth management employees of the Swiss legal entity of a large multinational bank. We used situational judgment questions to estimate the comprehension and the level of expected adherence to the CoC principles.
LOMBARD Ewa - MONTPELLIER Business School |
Boundaries are tools that demarcate entities or worlds, and they help maintain self-protection, emphasize legitimacy, and enable many other things to happen because of their capacity to separate or bring particular people, objects, and ideas into new configurations. Boundary work is activity related to creating, maintaining or configuring boundaries.