Customer Portfolio Management for Long-Term Survival

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Our objective was to understand how effective a firm is in attracting its target customers. To do this, we developed a model that relates a firm’s marketing activities to the mix of customers buying from the firm. Most marketing models simply ask how a firm’s marketing activities influence the number of customers buying the brand. We asked how a firm’s marketing activities influence the kinds of customers buying the brand.




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What is it ? A conscious or subconscious process, in which people attempt to influence the perceptions of other people about a person, object or event by regulating and controlling information in social interaction • Self-promotion • Corporate image Who cares ? • Individuals in social interactions • Recruiters and job seekers • Companies
Workplace well-being is all about a balance: between resources and stressors at work; between personal resources and vulnerabilities; between financial resources and demands; social resources and stressors; and finally, positive and negative conditions of physical working environment. Behind such continuums is a concern of workers to feel good and concern of organizations to improve workers productivity.

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Focused on the Greek economic crisis, one of the toughest and the most prolonged ones on a global scale, the present research centers on both anthropocentric and business-centric factors that helped SMEs survive, thus, providing a valuable survival manual. Grounded in quantitative research the paper includes two studies. 250 SMEs were included in the first study while 189 of them that survived, participated in the second study.
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Concerned market innovations acknowledge that businesses can no longer be driven by profitability alone and have to integrate non-economic values and collective concerns. Studying the evolution of such an innovation – a mobile phone recovery and recycling scheme – we find that social concerns enter the market and are integrated into its functioning through representational, exchange and normative practices.

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