EMLV Paris Business School is a french Grande Ecole, EFMD accredited and located in Paris La Defense. Its general training over 5 years opens up to many specialties. Among the strengths of the school are digital, marketing, HR, finance, innovation and entrepreneurship in the current context of digital transformation of companies.

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What is it ? A conscious or subconscious process, in which people attempt to influence the perceptions of other people about a person, object or event by regulating and controlling information in social interaction • Self-promotion • Corporate image Who cares ? • Individuals in social interactions • Recruiters and job seekers • Companies
Workplace well-being is all about a balance: between resources and stressors at work; between personal resources and vulnerabilities; between financial resources and demands; social resources and stressors; and finally, positive and negative conditions of physical working environment. Behind such continuums is a concern of workers to feel good and concern of organizations to improve workers productivity.
Notre objectif était de comprendre l'efficacité d'une entreprise à attirer ses cibles de clients. Pour ce faire, nous avons développé un modèle qui établit un lien entre les activités de marketing d'une entreprise et la combinaison de clients qui achètent auprès de l'entreprise. La plupart des modèles de marketing demandent simplement comment les activités de marketing d'une entreprise influencent le nombre de clients qui achètent la marque. Nous nous sommes demandé comment les activités de marketing d'une entreprise influencent les types de clients qui achètent la marque.
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