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The research shows how overall performance can help foster trust in financial institutions.While a climate of mistrust amongst investors and the general public towards financial institutions is present since the 2008 turmoils on the financial markets, we believe that mutual funds adopting overall performance can help recover a climate of trust due to the implied balance between economic, social and environmental performance.
LOBRE-LEBRATY Katia - iaelyon School of Management |
This study of the impact of Management Schools on France aims to identify the impact of the 78 Management Schools of the FNEGE network on France. The impact of a school, and therefore of all establishments, is by nature multidimensional. The BSIS approach retains seven impact dimensions: Financial, Educational, Economic Development, Intellectual, on the Ecosystem, Societal and Image. The indicators are both quantitative and qualitative.
KALIKA Michel - iaelyon School of Management |
Monitoring research has shown that the management of NGOs is influenced by the relationship they have with international donors. The objective of our research is to contribute to this literature by analyzing the role and influence of control mechanisms in the transformation of the humanitarian field.
CAZENAVE Bruno - OMNES Education |
Based on the results of a conceptual study published in the journal 'Business Strategy and the Environment', this video considers the potential of the concept of syncretism to understand how companies are moving towards more sustainable management practices.
MARTINEZ Fabien - EM Normandie |
The inherent complexity of grand challenges such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals requires cooperation of a multiplicity of actors at the transnational level, including NGOs, MNCs, Nation States, the UN, World Bank and other transnational institutions. They gather relevant stakeholders around a table, increasingly private actors who have expertise in the particular issue, to then propose efficient solutions, mostly in the form of standards and codes of conduct.
ETCHANCHU Helen - MONTPELLIER Business School |
This article was published in 2018 in the international journal Technological Forecasting and Social Change, by Dr. Calin Gurau and Dr. Leo-Paul Dana, professors at Montpellier Business School, France. The article investigates the way in which local communities implement sustainable development strategies to manage the natural environment using an entrepreneurial orientation and outlines the main factors that facilitate the success of these community projects.
GURAU Calin - MONTPELLIER Business School |
Ecolabels are part of a new wave of environmental policy that emphasizes information disclosure as a tool to induce environmentally friendly behavior by both firms and consumers. Little consensus exists as to whether ecocertified products are actually better than their conventional counterparts.
Part 1: Three major lessons from the survey results.
LEMAIRE Aurélien - BPI France Le Lab |
Part 2: Taking action
PARMIGIANI Laura - BPI France Le Lab |