AUNEGe (Association of Universities for the Development of Digital Teaching in Economics and Management) is a Thematic Digital University (UNT) founded in 2005 under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education. Like the seven other UNTs, AUNEGe benefits from the support of the Ministry to promote the mutualization of digital teaching materials in economics and management. AUNEGe is the online showcase of French universities in economics and management and supports the creation of resources for digital education - clips, case studies, games and simulations, testimonials and reports, fundamentals, full courses - offered by member institutions.

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The online learning industry is growing rapidly, especially as a result of Covid-19 and the need for many schools to move to distance learning. Being student and market oriented is the key to gaining a competitive advantage in today's online distance education. This study is based on FOUR key concepts

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