IAE Grenoble

Grenoble IAE is the Graduate School of Management of Grenoble INP-Université Grenoble Alpes. Member of IAE France network, Grenoble IAE is located in the Grenoble-Isère innovation ecosystem in France, and belongs to one of the nine French universities that form part of the national Initiative for Excellence – a French government strategic program to support the best French universities that can compete globally. The school's distinctive qualities – public standing, belonging to a renowned university, and an innovation-driven ecosystem – are embraced in its mission: to reveal and connect talent for innovative management within local and global organizations. The school delivers business administration and specialized business degree programs at undergraduate and graduate level, including five Bachelor programs, twelve Master’s programs with 25 specializations, two MBA programs, and a DBA. The school's varied program portfolio brings about a diverse learner population constituent annually of 1700 students, of whom near 15% are lifelong degree-seeking students, and over 30% of full-time students benefit from scholarships based on social criteria. Grenoble IAE graduates are employed at 90% within six months upon graduation.

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