Les migrations forcées et le rôle des entreprises européennes

Les migrations forcées et le rôle des entreprises européennes

In this article we consider the role of European corporations in dealing with the forced migration crisis that Europe is currently witnessing. From the case of the immediate refugee crisis in Europe, we move our focus toward the longer-term aspects of forced migrations. Demonstrating the multifaceted nature of the forced migration phenomenon, we first problematize the irresponsible behaviours of corporations and the effect of such behaviours on the environment and affected populations. Second, we suggest that corporations should favour an inclusive economy that facilitates the integration of forced migrants, materialized within the workplace in the form of inclusive people management practices. We conclude our point of view by proposing that reverting to the social context is an absolute necessity in order for organizations to effectively address the issue of forced migrations. We finally suggest strong actions that could support the revival of the social role of corporations.

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Nom(s) NACCACHE Philippe;
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