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A video that presents our article published in The Conversation in mid-March 2020 and that aims to provide an interesting deciphering of a situation of fear appeal, that of the management of the coronavirus health crisis, using behavioral sciences.
GAVARD-PERRET Marie-Laure - Grenoble IAE |
MAILLARD-WILHELM Marie-Claire - Grenoble IAE |
This research examines how the number of ingredients depicted on packaging in addition to the picture of the whole product impacts its efficacy depending on consumers’ motivation (hunger), opportunity (via cognitive load), and ability (via need for cognition – NFC) to process information. Three studies find that, under high cognitive load, packages depicting many ingredients induce more mental taste imagery, heighten purchase intention, and improve taste evaluations.
CAPELLI Sonia - iaelyon School of Management |
Due to the heterogeneous nature of the crowd in online crowdsourcing, one key question discussed by academics and practitionersiswhether participants are skilledenough to makevaluable contributions...
STEILS Nadia - IAE Lille |
Urban crowdsourcing is a new form of open innovation that aims to develop smart cities. Using a qualitative approach with experts involved in the Casablanca Smart City project, this research contributes by studying complex, multi-actor ecosystems...
STEILS Nadia - IAE Lille |
Peer evaluation, a device well known to teacher-researchers, can be applied in education for the evaluation of work: learners correct learners. Although the idea may seem absurd, it actually offers many advantages, notably reinforcing pedagogical eff
FOURNIER Christophe - AUNEGE |
This article deals with the advisability of cooperatives to communicate their status to consumers.
CAPELLI Sonia - iaelyon School of Management |
Although today more and more teaching methods are based on new technologies, it is also possible to mobilise tools or approaches that make more room for reality.
This article proposes a development of the Service Dominant Logic (SDL) in the case of service relationships with vulnerable populations on the basis of a qualitative study conducted in a geriatric ward...
BONNEMAIZON Audrey - IAE Gustave Eiffel |
AMINE Abdelmajid - FNEGE |
JOSION-PORTAL Margaret - IAE Gustave Eiffel |
Can business continue in a lockdown situation and if so, how? We will build on the widely accepted work on the '7 key stages of the sales process' (Dubinsky, 1980/81, ;Moncrief and Marshall 2005) and revisit them in the light of a lockdown situation
DEFELIX Christian - Grenoble IAE |
FOURNIER Christophe - AUNEGE |
The authors investigated the effect of corporate social-responsibility (CSR) communication on purchasing intentions, according to the focal company’s governance. Mentioning its member-owned business status in a CSR message increased the efficacy of that communication, because of positive general attitudes toward these organizations, and it reinforced the impact of the CSR communication on purchase intentions.
LECUYER Charlotte - iaelyon School of Management |