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Observation captures complex organizational phenomena in situ. The literature on this method explains the possible data collection methods but says less about the use and organization of the data collected. As a result, the question of the meaning...
ARNOUD Justine - IAE Gustave Eiffel |
PETON Hélène - IAE Gustave Eiffel |
Video on managerial innovation as a practical implementation of transformation, examples from major French groups - November 2017 FNEGE-PWC Conference "Organizations tomorrow: transformation of the old world or irruption of the new world? "
AUTISSIER David - IAE Gustave Eiffel |
This article reports on an unusual collaboration of nearly 50 years between a draughtsman and a military organization in charge of the protection of property and people of the Paris area, the Paris Fire Brigade. We highlight how the draughtsman and the artifact he produces, the « operational drawing », will gradually move from the status of peripheral resources to that of central resources for the organization.
DIETRICH Anne - IAE Lille |
WEPPE Xavier - IAE Lille |
Over the past twenty years, French research and higher education institutions have undergone profound changes under the influence of two major phenomena: project-based funding and internationalization. These phenomena have led to profound changes with significant structural impacts: autonomization and competition between institutions, the introduction of management methods derived from the business world and focused on performance and profitability, changes in personnel evaluation practices.
BOUGHZALA Imed - IMT Business School |
DUDEZERT Aurélie - IMT Business School |
In this exploratory research, we analyze how negatively perceived and forsaken resources can gradually gain value for organizations. We study the case of a human resource that most of firms used to consider as having a negative impact on performance within the business context: the individual with Asperger syndrome.
WARNIER Vanessa - IAE Lille |
Video on the tensions experienced by the manager in organizations between old and new worlds - November 2017 FNEGE-PWC Conference "Organizations tomorrow: transformation of the old world or irruption of the new world? "
It is by individuating Gilbert Simondon’ thought that we will be able to see his contributions to organization theory: besides other regarding technology, work, information and organizational change. However, such an individuation might raise ethical, political and reflexive concerns.
MORICEAU Jean-Luc - IMT Business School |
This question agitates the press and the representatives of the various political parties, even the Government. With a positive answer that appears most of them is common sense and fairness. In reality this answer is not so obvious, nor homogeneous from the point of view of companies, investors and general interest.
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