Logistics and Supply Chain

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The Director of ESCP Europe’s Master of Science in Big Data & Business Analytics looked into the inventory of perishables with a PhD candidate and contributed to food preservation by introducing the novel concept of cross-perishability.
ZHOU Wei - ESCP Business School |
2018 FNEGE Prize for the best management book - Category: Textbook Driven by the Internet and Internet culture, consumer behaviors, and by extension commerce as a whole, are profoundly changed.
BADOT Olivier - ESCP Business School |
LEMOINE Jean-François - FNEGE |
OCHS Adeline - FNEGE |
Coordination in supply chains has been studied widely from a cost optimization perspective but this practice is also proposed as a solution to reduce carbon emissions. This article compares the costs and carbon emissions resulting from a non-coordinated two-echelon serial economic order quantity model to that of the centralized solution.
BOUCHERY Yann - EM Normandie |