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The pedagogy and pre-coaching of entrepreneurship must be adapted according to the students' profiles. Research has a role to play in helping stakeholders to make the right pedagogical choices.
BOISSIN Jean-Pierre - PEPITE France |
According to a recent study, 98% of children are creative but only 2% of adults are. So, do we lose this skill by going to school? How can business schools and companies take up the challenge of (re)training students and employees in creativity, one of the 3 key skills for 21st century workers (World Economic Forum study)? Chair launched in partnership with Télécom SudParis (Institut Polytechnique de Paris), ESAD de Reims, Davidson Consulting, Siana and Le Cube.
BAZENET Flavien - IMT Business School |
This paper presents a new conceptual framework incorporating a dynamic states approach to corporate growth and a portfolio perspective on the roles of governance bodies. We identify four dynamic states of growth to which we associate the main roles of boards.
KAROUI Lotfi - EM Normandie |
The chair of entrepreneurship, territory and innovation (eTi chair) brings together, at IAE Paris, academics, companies and local authorities interested in urban and territorial changes. This video presents the functioning, the objectives and the philosophy of this chair.
CHABAUD Didier - |
The aim of our research is to identify the issues of gender-based differentiation in the collective training of the potential female entrepreneur. Thanks to qualitative methodology, we show that the establishment of female collectives, in the ante-creation phase, generates self-confidence.
BUENO MERINO Pascale - EM Normandie |
DUCHEMIN Marie-Hélène - EM Normandie |
Drawing on the theory of resource conservation (COR), we examine the role of two types of family support - emotional and instrumental support - in the work-family balance and the subjective well-being of small and medium-sized owners. medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Using a sample of French SME owners, our results show that work-family balance mediates the relationship between family support and the subjective well-being of SME owners.
MUKERJEE Jinia - MONTPELLIER Business School |
The importance of big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning has been at the forefront of research in operations and supply chain management. There is an abundant literature on the adoption of emerging technologies, in which little consideration has been given to the role of entrepreneurial orientation.
FOROPON Cyril - MONTPELLIER Business School |
How to respond effectively and practically to the crisis? »By MBS - Episode 1 During this very particular context, the specialists of Montpellier Business School provide their expertise in 9 episodes to learn how to respond effectively to the crisis.
JAOUEN Annabelle - MONTPELLIER Business School |
During this very particular context, the specialists of Montpellier Business School provide their expertise in 8 episodes to learn how to respond effectively to the crisis. Episode 3 - Dr Helen ETCHANCHU - “The crisis will accelerate an economic and social model turned towards the local: seize this opportunity. "
ETCHANCHU Helen - MONTPELLIER Business School |
Focused on the Greek economic crisis, one of the toughest and the most prolonged ones on a global scale, the present research centers on both anthropocentric and business-centric factors that helped SMEs survive, thus, providing a valuable survival manual. Grounded in quantitative research the paper includes two studies. 250 SMEs were included in the first study while 189 of them that survived, participated in the second study.
THEODORAKIS Ioannis - OMNES Education |