L’entreprise libérée, innovation radicale ou avatar du management participatif ?

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L’entreprise libérée, innovation radicale ou avatar du management participatif ?

Finalist of the Academic Prize for Management Research – Category “Reinventing management” – SYNTEC CONSEIL.

A movement is emerging in favor of “liberated” companies, whose supporters associate economic performance and happiness at work. Driven by the success of a few talented promoters and best-selling books, it is generating a lot of media interest. We invite you to form a reasoned judgment based on the available information, by questioning practices rather than taking an a priori position on discourses. Following field research on three small and medium-sized companies – the foundryman Favi, a pioneer of the movement, the cookie maker Poult and the hydraulic hose repairer Chrono Flex.

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Finalist of the Academic Prize for Management Research - Category "Reinventing management" - SYNTEC CONSEIL.
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