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Montpellier Management is a university management school whose objective is to educate leaders so that they can resolve complex managerial challenges and invent tomorrow’s tools and methods to build a better world. Montpellier Management offers over 50 programs accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education. The school has defined three major strategic directions: maintaining e-learning and classroom course quality while promoting ties with the local economic community; pursuing research at an excellence level; and increasing international partnerships. These actions involve promoting the values and practices of ethical and responsible management. With its teaching staff comprising 90 professors and research-professors, Montpellier Management welcomes nearly 4,000 students per year, including 600 in work-study programs and 600 via e-learning.

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Drawing on managerial discretion and conflicting institutional logics literature, this study investigates the relation between the personal sustainability behaviors (PSB) of owner-managers and the corporate sustainability practices (CS practices) of SMEs. The research proposes a contingency model that assesses the moderating effects of perceived economic advantages and environmental hostility on this relationship.
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