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You may have already heard of the three pillars of sustainable development, which integrate economic, social and environmental aspects. This vision has been promoted since the 1990s by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. These three pillars are supposed to be of equal importance, but in reality, the economic pillar usually takes precedence.
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Description of the concept of CSR. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was born from reflections aimed at questioning the role and mission of the company in society but also the responsibilities incumbent on the latter. This notion appeared during the second industrial revolution, in the United States, to question the practices of large companies concentrating capital, tools and human resources.
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Episode 6 - Dr. Maryline MEYER - "Putting people at the heart of your management. "
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Episode 5 - Dr. Magalie MARAIS - "Build new forms of solidarity and shared governance. "
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The inherent complexity of grand challenges such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals requires cooperation of a multiplicity of actors at the transnational level, including NGOs, MNCs, Nation States, the UN, World Bank and other transnational institutions. They gather relevant stakeholders around a table, increasingly private actors who have expertise in the particular issue, to then propose efficient solutions, mostly in the form of standards and codes of conduct.
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In large multinational firms, business units are often asked to cooperate while remaining in competition to sell their products. This situation, called internal coopetition, generates various tensions for the business units involved. Using the Ubisoft case, we show how firms can rely on knowledge brokers, i.e. independent structures often directly linked to the headquarters, to manage these tensions and foster knowledge transfer within the organization.
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Drawing on the theory of resource conservation (COR), we examine the role of two types of family support - emotional and instrumental support - in the work-family balance and the subjective well-being of small and medium-sized owners. medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Using a sample of French SME owners, our results show that work-family balance mediates the relationship between family support and the subjective well-being of SME owners.
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In this video, Wael Rouatbi presents his article entitled “The role of multiple large shareholders in the choice of debt source”, co-authored with Sabri Boubaker and Walid Saffar, and published in Financial Management in 2017. Using a large sample of French listed companies, this study shows that companies with multiple controlling shareholders tend to resort to bank debt financing.
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