iaelyon School of Management

Founded in 1956, iaelyon School of Management - University Jean Moulin is one of the first French university based Schools for education and research in business and management. The school offers its 8,000 students and executive education participants, a curriculum of excellence enriched by the research activities of its Magellan Research Center. Strongly professionalized and internationalized, iaelyon made “Think Large” its signature to reflect a state of mind which brings together, permanently and integrally, both adaptability and openness.

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We consider the doctoral thesis as a tool to develop skills and expand the expertise of doctoral students. We identify two fundamental roles related to the thesis, namely that of emancipator and that of utilitarian, which are perceived as being in tension and competition. Textual analysis of the chapters also revealed the importance of the thesis implementation environment in promoting the development of skills and the action capacities of doctoral students.

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