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Building on construal level theory and psychological distance (PD), this paper considers the impact of erotic ads; the factors of sex and moral attentiveness are also examined. Two experiments delve into different PD types, evoking variant construal levels (CLs) while promoting a different product across different levels of erotic intensity in the ad. Findings show that as the PD or CL decreases, reactions become more unfavorable, regardless of the ad’s level of erotic intensity. Also, reactions vary depending on sex and moral attentiveness; women and individuals with high moral attentiveness levels express stronger objections.
THEODORAKIS Ioannis - OMNES Education |
Prix EFMD FNEGE du Meilleur Ouvrage de Recherche en Management 2021 – Catégorie Ouvrage de Recherche Collectif A l'aide du concept de situation de gestion environnementale, l'ouvrage propose un éclairage original et pluridisciplinaire sur une variété de problématiques environnementales, telles que la protection de l'eau, de la faune sauvage, des sols, des forêts, ou encore autour des questions que posent l'éolien, la lutte contre les espèces invasives, etc. Pour analyser ces situations, l'ouvrage aborde successivement les questions de territoires et de temporalités, de conflictualité, d'outillage gestionnaire et de qualification des "états d'environnement".
The promotion of innovative pedagogical practices, favoring the inclusion and professional integration of new audiences, is a particular hot topic at the moment in higher education. Management scholars and University lecturers are prolific in this area and are increasingly involved in pedagogical transformation in connection with a competency-based approach. We believe that these initiatives must be identified, recognized and promoted, in a more systematic way. This video offers to introduce some elements of pedagogical innovation from a conceptual point of view as well as from the point of view of its ecosystem.
ORIOL Nathalie - FNEGE |
At the end of May 2021, content square, a specialist in website and application optimization, signed the largest fundraising ever for a French start-up: $500 million! Thanks to this sum, the start-up will be able to continue developing its data analysis techniques, which are so useful today for analyzing people's behavior and improving their profiling. If digital technologies are now at the heart of our organizations' operations, they still worry their potential users. Yet, isn't the only real worry to have, the one not to use them?
LEMOINE Jean-François - FNEGE |

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In this survey, we wanted to look at the evolution of work in the world of higher management education, in parallel with the evolution of work in the corporate world. The aim of this study was to gain a better understanding of how higher management education institutions are adapting to the current and expected transformations of work and to help shed light on their strategies for addressing this issue.
de VAUJANY François-Xavier - FNEGE |