The Flying winemakers – revisiting the globalization of the wine industry

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Flying winemakers act as connectors across and beyond borders in the globalized wine industry.
Nomadic dynamic capabilities are global, entrepreneurial and spatiotemporal in nature.
In a context of nomadic dynamic capabilities, the knowledge transfer and dissemination is cumulative.


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This study examined trait gratitude as a relevant predictor of perceived employability, a personal resource important for student job search among business school students in Canada. The findings support the idea that trait gratitude indirectly influences preparatory job search behavior, but not active job search behavior, through perceived employability. Implications for trait gratitude appear to be important for broader career development research and practice particularly with students seeking employment.
HARRISON Jennifer - EM Normandie |
During the COVID‐19 pandemic, comprehensive, accurate, and timely digital contact tracing serves as a decisive measure in curbing viral transmission. Such a strategy integrates corporate innovation, government decision‐making, citizen participation, and community coordination with big data analytics. This article explores how key stakeholders in an open innovation ecosystem interact within the digital context to overcome challenges to public health and socio‐economic welfare imposed by the pandemic. To enhance the digital contact tracing effectiveness, communities are deployed to moderate the interactions between government, enterprises and citizens.
WANG Yihan - EM Normandie |
In an experience economy, consumers have become experience collectors, seeking to accumulate as much experience as possible in minimum time. In this context, we study syncretic experiences, i.e. experiences that mix radically opposite influences. Our ethnography conducted at Hellfest, a French rock music festival, shows that the experience offered is based on a cognitive, sensory and praxeological syncretism which aims to disorient consumers. Since syncretic experiences are seen as several sub-experiences in one, we show that this new type of experience gives consumers the feeling they are using their free time productively.
CHANEY Damien - EM Normandie |
This article, at the crossroads of neuroscience and management science, examines the importance of memory in the entrepreneurial support of women creators. The involvement of women and their commitment to entrepreneurship is a major issue for economic growth. Studying the support systems for women is therefore crucial. The ambition of this paper was therefore to introduce neuropsychology into the field of entrepreneurship in a transdisciplinary manner. To achieve this, a triangulation of methods was carried out in order to ensure the validity of the conclusions reached.
DUCHEMIN Marie-Hélène - EM Normandie |

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The pedagogy and pre-coaching of entrepreneurship must be adapted according to the students' profiles. Research has a role to play in helping stakeholders to make the right pedagogical choices.
BOISSIN Jean-Pierre - PEPITE France |
In homage to Thierry GARROT, AUNEGe and the FNEGE publish a prospective repository of "Management & Business Management" skills. Proposed in the form of an interactive ebook, it is directed by Aline SCOUARNEC, Professor at the IAE - University of Caen Normandy. This reference tool is the result of a research process implemented for more than two years by the AUNEGE-FNEGE collective in the context of the development of a guidance platform for so-called management professions - MAP: Mon Avenir Pro
Using social responsibility ratings on over 663 companies belonging to 18 European countries in 2000 and 2010, this paper examines to what extent stylized models of Corporate Governance (CG) shape national systems of CG and corporate commitments to stakeholders in the long run. In doing so, we question arguments in favor of convergence versus divergence. In particular, we assess the factors that explain these trends and the detected processes.
BONCORI Anne-Laure - OMNES Education |
The issue of the impact of Management Schools has grown in importance for a decade. After having invested heavily in the quality of their training and in their internal functioning, through accreditation mechanisms, the Schools (ESC and IAE) are increasingly interested in their impact. They must indeed communicate on their social usefulness and convince their stakeholders (communities, state, companies, etc.) of their contribution to their environment.
KALIKA Michel - iaelyon School of Management |

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